Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hope in Haiti: An Interview with Filder

I recently visited Port Au Prince Haiti to teach soap making to the caretakers at For His Glory Orphanage, and was blessed by the beautiful people I met. Yes, Haiti is filled with tragic stories, but it is also filled with hope.

Check out this amazing story!! On Monday morning our special missions teams were gearing up to start counseling and soap sessions, but needed a translator. Amazingly, Filder was praying for work and God told him to go directly to the orphanage (a place he'd visited once a long time ago). I kid you not....Filder got dressed, walked to the orphanage, and knocked on the door the moment we realized we needed a translator. I still can't figure it out? Talk about God's perfect timing!

Watch my interview with Filder, and hear how he lost his parents, job, and home due to the earthquake, but still stands strong on God's promises. I hope you are encouraged by my friend's boldness for the Lord and his spirit to keep on going.

More Haiti soap making videos are coming, and don't forget to show your support and buy a soap handmade in Haiti.