Monday, August 30, 2010

Going Green

Our Faucet Soaps are more than just green! They're phosphate-free, biodegradable, safe for the earth, and great for sensitive skin, not to mention that they come in 5 great scents.

According to, "Good Fortune’s bar soaps last incredibly long. Longer than even your “normal” bar soaps from the drugstore. Plus these are a lot better for your skin! And for the final wonder of goodness? The exfoliating sack is refillable. Open the draw string and slip in a new bar!"

You can refill your empty sack with one of our Naked Soaps, hang it up inside or out, and you can even reuse your empty bag as a planter!

Take your pick:

How do you reuse packaging? In what ways do you go green? Can you think of any other ideas for faucet soaps?