Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shea Butter is Truly Amazing!

Shea butter, from the tree of life, is great for your skin, the earth, and ours is 100% natural.

What is it and where does it come from?

We buy our Shea Butter from an American company who gets it directly from a female enterprise in Ghana, Africa. It is the most pure, 100% unrefined Shea Butter, derived from the nut of the Karite tree (aka Tree of Life). We simply reheat and repackage the butter, which allows you to get the full benefits of the butter.

What does it smell like?
We don't add a drop of fragrance to this stuff, so it is the most hyper-allergenic stuff we make. It is unscented, but still a natural-earthy aroma at first. Once you apply it to the skin, the smells dissolves quickly.

How do I get it out of the jar and apply it?
We suggest you use the back of your thumbnail to scoop it out and then rub it together between your fingers to melt it.

Can I use it anywhere?
Once the heat from your body has melted the butter, then you can apply it any where (and we mean anywhere!) Try treating your dry cuticles, elbows, feet, scalp, face, lips, baby's bottom and all over winter skin.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Shea Butter?
Some say that this butter, from the tree of life, is nourishing to all skin types because it is extremely high in Vitamins A, E, and fatty acid. It has been reported to help treat minor skin ailments such as stretch marks, wrinkles, adult and infant eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, and minimizes scars.

What is this white ashy stuff on top?
It is best to keep all natural products in cool dry places, but sometimes it gets hot and melts and then cold again (kind of like chocolate). We see this all the time in the summer. Since we do NOT add any type of preservative to our Shea Butter, it will not last forever. If your Shea Butter goes bad, you'll be able to smell a bad (rancid) odor. Remember, an earthy nutty smell is normal, and like chocolate the shape and texture may change with temperature, but the therapeutic qualities will remain intact.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Fortune Lip Balm in Nepal

Jency, from The World Next Door Market, emailed me this week to say her "Good Fortune Lip Balm was great for the cold and (very) windy condition of Nepal". I'm not sure if I love her email & photos more, or the fact she was there buying fair trade goods to help fight human trafficking.

OKAY, I love the World Next Door's mission more! Here is an excerpt from their blog, and if you're on my shopping list, consider yourself lucky, because their shop is awesome!!

"Well, I returned from Nepal on October 29 and hit the ground running- end of GPS' Robin Hood, fair trade home parties, Normal Palooza- it's been a busy 2 weeks! I had access to internet just a couple of times and so was unable to post anything. This trip was so different from our trip in May, but once again I came back encouraged by what is happening in Nepal to fight human trafficking. It is an honor to play a tiny part in the work there. Being able to meet the women really makes selling products at World Next Door so personal and real. It really is making a difference! These girls are being loved and treated with dignity and respect- some for the first time in their lives. We ate together, laughed, and danced! Even with the language barrier, it was a great time. Visit our website here to see some of the hats and scarves I brought back. I would love to post pictures of their smiling faces but because of security issues when it comes to trafficking, I can't post them on the internet."

Pretty cool huh? Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and receive AWESOME deals and specials via email. We love Fair Trade!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Women, injustice, and what you can do to help!

I met Will and Beth when I was in South Africa 3 summers ago, serving with a Cincinnati based church. Will and I were on the same "go" team together, and our laid back personalities clicked. Our entire team became a family while we were there, and it has been fun witnessing everyone's continual growth and pursuit of purpose.

I want to introduce you to Will's blog: Social-Compass, and let you read for yourself how he, his wife Beth, and their daughter sold everything and moved to South Africa to help the underprivileged. Yes, it is inspiring, and hopefully will encourage you to seek God's will...even if it sounds crazy at first. I must warn you that God's plans are never easy, and this blog shows you both sides of the coin.

Their mission stirs me to the core, makes me angry, fuels my passion to create change, and knocks me on my knees. Thank God for "change agents" like Will and Beth, who are willing to leave their comfort zones in order to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Okay, now here is the hard part. The injustice, rape, and poverty that exists in our world, and how people are able to turn a blind eye. It is not okay, and we can't continue to act like it doesn't matter to us! Whether in Africa or in our city, it does affect us, and just one person can make a change. Read Will's latest blog: somedays are hard, and get stirred.

Now I ask you: How can you implement fundamental changes in your own life so you can help people around the globe?

You don't have to move to Africa in order to be a part of the solution, but you can financially support change agents and be active in their prayer lives. You can also invest time in a child, widow, or disadvantaged person's life. Giving feels good!

You cannot change what already is, yet you can decide precisely what you will take from it and what you will do with it. No matter what happens, you have the power to make of it what you will. -- Ralph Marston

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hang gliding, my favorite day off!

Hang gliding at Tennessee Tree Toppers was the most fun I have had in awhile. My very knowledgeable flight instructor Clark, gave me a great flight lesson, and then we were off. In tandem gear, we ran off the end of their signature wooden launch, and within 4 steps we were airborne.

I was in heaven as we soared above the multi-colored Tennessee leaves in the Sequatchie Valley. We stayed up for what seemed like a long time as we searched for air pockets to give us lift. We managed to climb to about 900 feet.

My friend Chris, a veteran hang glider, flew beside us. We chased each other in the air, chased hawks, and enjoyed rare moments together. Hang gliding is very safe and fun for all...seriously! I totally recommend you (or your kids) try it for yourself. Clark Harlow is an independent instructor, and is so much fun to work with, so please call him for your own one-on-one flight: 423-949-3396. Plus, check out my other pictures from that day! Life is today!

Open House Success

On November 1st Good Fortune opened our doors to the public for our 3rd annual open house, and it was a huge success! The sun was shining, our doors were open, and hundreds of people mingled around the farm. I had so much fun, and so grateful to you all. Next year, I'll have more employees to help take money and bag packages so I can talk more. Thanks for all your love and support.