Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hang gliding, my favorite day off!

Hang gliding at Tennessee Tree Toppers was the most fun I have had in awhile. My very knowledgeable flight instructor Clark, gave me a great flight lesson, and then we were off. In tandem gear, we ran off the end of their signature wooden launch, and within 4 steps we were airborne.

I was in heaven as we soared above the multi-colored Tennessee leaves in the Sequatchie Valley. We stayed up for what seemed like a long time as we searched for air pockets to give us lift. We managed to climb to about 900 feet.

My friend Chris, a veteran hang glider, flew beside us. We chased each other in the air, chased hawks, and enjoyed rare moments together. Hang gliding is very safe and fun for all...seriously! I totally recommend you (or your kids) try it for yourself. Clark Harlow is an independent instructor, and is so much fun to work with, so please call him for your own one-on-one flight: 423-949-3396. Plus, check out my other pictures from that day! Life is today!