Friday, December 6, 2013

Thankful For Our Many Blessings!

Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly passed me by as I was busier than ever in my new retail world. However feelings of love and blessings were with me the entire time. Today is January 1st, and I'm finally making myself sit down, and share some of the great things that have happened this Holiday season.

Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator Production Facility
For starters we survived the incredibly big move from the Cleveland Business Incubator to our new retail location at 2644 Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN. We loved the incubator so much, and it was sad to leave our friends, but change is essential to thrive!

We moved 3 years worth of production over 4 days, and reopened the store only a few short days later. We hustled this year, and I'm so glad we survived!

I (Jennifer) am the crazy one who believed it could all be done before Thanksgiving, and started the ball rolling, but I can't take all the credit for the hard work!  
NEW LOCATION: 2644 Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408

Mom: AKA super woman!
My mom took the day off to help with our flower beds, and even worked in the pouring rain. Now that is real dedication! Thanks Mom! 

Howell: VP of Awesome
Howell earned The VP of Awesome as his business title, and has been my rock. He networked the phones & music, did plumbing, moved heavy stuff, and even ran the shop for me. He definitely won husband of the year!

I've enjoyed building my own displays and create a cozy home for my wonderful products. I love having an idea, and seeing it come to life in 3-D.  I'm also glad that we shot our mini documentary to show our vision for the new store!

Jennifer: Jack of all trades!
Felicia and Julie packed, moved, cleaned, organized, and continue to drive from Cleveland to Chattanooga every week. They are essential to Good Fortune, and I couldn't have done it without them. They are strong women for their willing spirits, and putting up with all my crazy ideas! 

Felicia and I at our Grand Opening!
Shuptrine's Gold Leaf and Fine Art Gallery

I'm also thankful for our parents and family for lending us trucks, trailers, and furniture for the store. We're blessed to have such supportive families who are also great customers!

Our new neighbors are just icing on the cake! Alan and Bonnie Shuptrine went above and beyond to get our space ready for us to move into by November. They moved their gorgeous paintings and antiques, added a bathroom, and did countless other bonuses so that we would be comfortable in our new space! We are grateful to call our landlords our friends!

Finally we are thankful for all of our customers. You guys have been just as excited to see the new store, and try the new products. We love to see your faces come in the door and hear your stories about using our products. It is really cool to create products you believe in, and know others love them too!

Happy New Year. We love you all & wish you a Blessed and prosperous 2014!
The new bulk refill station with Green Cleaners for the home.

Good Fortune Soap: Chattanooga's Green Clean Store