Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Fortune Soap is good for the earth and your skin

Good Fortune's natural shaving soap is perfect to shave and wash (from head to toe), and is adored by both men and women. Our secret ingredients is bentonite clay which creates a thicker lather, and in turn gives you the best shave ever! The high quality vegetable and essential oils are the best money can buy and are formulated for sensitive skin. Imagine, one bar of soap that can full fill your whole family's needs? Less clutter and bottles means you are buying less, using less, and thinking green!
why go green?
• 100% natural ingredients (with essential oils)
• 3-in-1 soap (shower/shave/bath)
• less packaging reduces clutter & waste
• moisturizing & healing (for all skin types)
• support small business
why buy from Good Fortune Soap?
We want to thank you for bettering the earth (and your skin), so we are giving you FREE shipping when you order $20 or more of our award winning products! Use coupon code free when ordering online or call 423.715.2647.
Try a Peppermint + Tea Tree + Menthol or Sweet Island Coconut bar of handcrafted soap today!

Friday, March 20, 2009

giving feels good (join me?)

Giving back is a concept we built into the foundation of Good Fortune, in fact, that is were we got our name. We want to bless others because we have been blessed. Since its inception, Good Fortune has partnered with various charitable organizations to: empower women > offer hope to orphans > and support mission work.

We are SO EXCITED to launch our new "soap for hope" program and introduce you the charities we support!

Here's how it works: Support a charity & we'll give them a soap in your honor!
Spend $5, and we'll give 100% of your money, plus a bar of soap to the girl's transition home, our friends in Africa, or a place we visit (and totally ROCK their world!) Partner with Good Fortune to help spread the love!

Girl's Transition Home > Give girls in Nicaragua a chance to move out of their orphanages, into a home where they can feel safe, dream, and live productive lives that contribute to society.

Our friends in Africa > Our friends through whom we share "one love" needs our help. We believe that even small donations of time and money can help rebuild this broken nation.

Good Fortune on a Mission > Help send Jennifer Jack out to share her "good fortune" and do what she does best (give big hugs & love on people)!

Plus: Visit our Good Fortune Soap Studio in Athens, TN and purchase our "not so perfect" bars of soap for only $3 each, and we'll give 100% of that money to the girl's transition home. Who knows, maybe someday I can visit the girls, share my business secrets with them, and help them spread the love?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

custom gifts for hospitals, fundraisers, businesses, and more

We are so excited to partner with Brookings Heath System to help spread the love this Doctor's Day. They wanted to honor their doctors and caregivers with a "feel good" gift that was personal, meaningful, and healing. Good Fortune's natural products are appreciated by both men and women for their relaxing scents and versatile uses.

Faucet Soaps are simply amazing, because the handcrafted soap comes in a reusable mesh sack. You can take it on-the-go in its waterproof package, hang it in the shower to scrub everyday, or even keep it outside (how cool is that?)! Our luxurious bath soaps are full of spirit, as each bar comes with its own inspired gift card, which is perfect for giving. Element Sprays are unique natural mood enhancers and room sprays. Sandalwood lavender is a woodsy floral scent that is calming and relaxing, but never too sweet. Most customers keep one in their office, car, and by the bed for a good night's rest. Finally, our peppermint lip balm is refreshing, tingly, and naturally addictive. Plus, with your logo on the label, you stay with your customers for months as make their day a little sweeter (which is quite brilliant if we do say so ourselves)!

Good Fortune is happy to share our graphic design skills to help you whip up a custom gift card or label. We want the quality and love we pour into brand, help you shine, so that every gift is unique and memorable. We can private label almost any of our natural products with your logo, and even take care of the shipping for you. If you need gifts, products for fundraising, or a custom line for your business, we hope you'll consider calling Good Fortune Soap.

Friday, March 13, 2009

natural bathroom cleaner recipe

check back each month for a free recipe to save you money & your health

Bathroom cleaners can be highly toxic and poisonous, particularly since they are often used in small windowless spaces. They can be corrosive to skin and eyes, and damaging to the respiratory tract. Bad news!

Good News! Try this alternative to clean your toilet:

Sprinkle a handful of baking soda inside the toilet bowl then pour in a cup of white vinegar. Watch it do its volcano thing and let it soak for about 10 minutes. While your waiting go ahead clean the rest of the bathroom with the same ingredients. Finish by scrubbing the toilet thoroughly and shouting the cheer "GO GREEN!"

Want more?

We thought so, and that is why you need to join us for our Green Clean Home Class. We'll teach you the top six household cleaners to avoid and give you a handout with alternative recipes to detox your home (plus a lot more stuff). See you soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

amazing feedback on Good Fortune products

Thank you so much for doing what you do!! I came and visited your lovely studio/shop a couple Saturdays ago, and your products have enriched my life. Let me tell you how…

I actually look forward to leaving my warm bed and getting in the shower just so I can use your tingly faucet soap. Not only is the lather luxurious and effective, but the aroma is a perfect. Then, I enjoy a dash of your peppermint and patchouli element spray to completely awaken the senses. Oh, and by the way, I have gotten several compliments about the intriguing and wonderful scent you have created. Throughout the day, I cure my usually chapped lips with your chocolate peppermint lip balm. Wow, it is so lovely and not overly waxy feeling! And, my favorite part of everyday is applying your delicious spicy pumpkin lotion before bed! It is the perfect end to my stressful day, light and deeply fragrant in an bold yet soothing way. Jennifer, thank you for following your dream because your products bring such a joy to my daily life.

—Katelyn, Athens, TN

I loved the presentation of my order. I got it this morning and it was a blessing. I am battling cancer , getting chemo and all that fun stuff. Today I decided to shave my head so I don't have to keep dealing with the fall-out. I was upset but your box was a nice surprise. I quickly put in another order so my only request is how can I refer others?
—Frederica, Coatesville, PA