Wednesday, March 18, 2009

custom gifts for hospitals, fundraisers, businesses, and more

We are so excited to partner with Brookings Heath System to help spread the love this Doctor's Day. They wanted to honor their doctors and caregivers with a "feel good" gift that was personal, meaningful, and healing. Good Fortune's natural products are appreciated by both men and women for their relaxing scents and versatile uses.

Faucet Soaps are simply amazing, because the handcrafted soap comes in a reusable mesh sack. You can take it on-the-go in its waterproof package, hang it in the shower to scrub everyday, or even keep it outside (how cool is that?)! Our luxurious bath soaps are full of spirit, as each bar comes with its own inspired gift card, which is perfect for giving. Element Sprays are unique natural mood enhancers and room sprays. Sandalwood lavender is a woodsy floral scent that is calming and relaxing, but never too sweet. Most customers keep one in their office, car, and by the bed for a good night's rest. Finally, our peppermint lip balm is refreshing, tingly, and naturally addictive. Plus, with your logo on the label, you stay with your customers for months as make their day a little sweeter (which is quite brilliant if we do say so ourselves)!

Good Fortune is happy to share our graphic design skills to help you whip up a custom gift card or label. We want the quality and love we pour into brand, help you shine, so that every gift is unique and memorable. We can private label almost any of our natural products with your logo, and even take care of the shipping for you. If you need gifts, products for fundraising, or a custom line for your business, we hope you'll consider calling Good Fortune Soap.