Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Fortune Soap is good for the earth and your skin

Good Fortune's natural shaving soap is perfect to shave and wash (from head to toe), and is adored by both men and women. Our secret ingredients is bentonite clay which creates a thicker lather, and in turn gives you the best shave ever! The high quality vegetable and essential oils are the best money can buy and are formulated for sensitive skin. Imagine, one bar of soap that can full fill your whole family's needs? Less clutter and bottles means you are buying less, using less, and thinking green!
why go green?
• 100% natural ingredients (with essential oils)
• 3-in-1 soap (shower/shave/bath)
• less packaging reduces clutter & waste
• moisturizing & healing (for all skin types)
• support small business
why buy from Good Fortune Soap?
We want to thank you for bettering the earth (and your skin), so we are giving you FREE shipping when you order $20 or more of our award winning products! Use coupon code free when ordering online or call 423.715.2647.
Try a Peppermint + Tea Tree + Menthol or Sweet Island Coconut bar of handcrafted soap today!