Wednesday, February 25, 2009

read about Good Fortune Soap in CityScope Magazine

The article focuses on me, but the real story is about paying it forward and the power of positive referrals. I met Jonathan Bragdon (president of Tricycle) at a SpringBoard lecture were he spoke. I was very impressed with his business knowledge and inspired by his success. After the lecture we were talking, and I briefly told him my Good Fortune start-up story. The next thing I know, Jonathan called and said he thought I had a great story and his friend, George Mullinix (publisher of CityScope Magazine) might be calling.

One cycle of events lead to another and the end result was me being featured in the beautiful and inspiring Spring 2009 issue of Chattanooga's CityScope magazine. I'm so grateful that my story is being told and I pray that if nothing else, it encourages people to follow their dreams. I want everyone to know that through faith and hard work, anything is possible. Thanks to everyone for spreading the love!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Bodies are Temples

Another Monday has come and gone, and I'm seriously amazed at how life is just flying by. I'm excited about the results of the Waiora detox products I'm taking, and I'm doing pretty well on my other goals to get healthy.
This week I have:
  • Lost 1 pound over 2 weeks (but I think it should be more, arg!)
  • Gave up coffee with very little resistance from my body. I had a headache the first day, but I've had plenty of energy and a very clear mind.
  • Still no meat, and don't think I'll ever eat it again. I'm reading a book about the inhuman killing and torture of animals in slaughter houses, not to mention the antibiotics and other toxins from their rotting flesh. I'm pretty disturbed by all this...
  • I've made several really delicious vegetarian stir fried meals and been very conscious of what I'm putting in my body.
This week's sermon was about how our bodies are temples made by God, and that Jesus lives within us. If the toxic news flash doesn't get to you, then perhaps the image of Christ living in you will. I was convicted and refreshed by knowing I am wonderfully made. I want to honor God by treating my body with kindness and respect. I want to live more simply in all areas of life. We are what we eat in so many ways, such as the programs we watch, books we read, food we eat, things we do/say in private, and how we love ourselves. It is time to take out the trash, and only allow the things in our lives that nourish our bodies and souls.

Making and taking time to be quiet and meditate on hearing my inner voice is my challenge this week. I realize that calm waiting is much harder than active motion. I am excited to see how different life can be when I wait to hear His voice, rather than constantly moving and speaking.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Setting goals for better health

I've been struggling with various issues for years, but I'm seriously determined to find balance and solutions that work (naturally). It certainly takes will power (which comes in cycles for me), education, and hard work. I've been frustrated for so long because I thought I was doing all the right things, but I've finally discovered products and answers that make sense. Come to find out, all of the toxic elements in our lives are actually manifesting themselves physically. There is so much to talk about, but for now I want to set goals on how to get healthy:
Basic goals:
  1. lose a little bit of weight
  2. have beautiful skin (head to toe)
  3. no more bloated stomach and swollen feelings
  4. normally functioning body without drugs
How I plan on doing this:
  1. take transforming organic supplements to detox and replenish
  2. sleep more
  3. stay prescription free
  4. no fast food, sodas, or artificial preservative type foods
  5. more fruits and veggies (especially raw)
  6. no meat and dairy for a month (I think my digestion will thank me!)
Remove, replenish, restore (My 6 week detox plan)
  1. remove-eliminate the heavy metals and toxins that are wreaking havoc and preventing my body to heal itself. NCD (natural cellular defense)-I do 10 drops 3 times a day, plus the superior fiber blend and the cleanse tea. Fast-easy-effective!!
  2. replenish-what you eat fuels your body, but that takes time, so I like EDN (essential daily nutrients). I was shocked by how potent it is and quickly absorbed in the body. Yum!
  3. restore-helps my immune system from stress, prevents illness, and amazingly restores health. The agariGold mushroom super food is very interesting and so easy to take.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

my journey to detoxify my body, mind & spirit

day 1: Getting Real
My goals in life are to live an authentic life, be led by God, and radiate His positive energy regardless of my circumstances. I've researched the definitions of "authentic" and "love", and have been working to apply them to my life (down to my very core). By being true and transparent I allow people to get to know the real me. It feels better to have people love the real me rather than the me I had invented. This also means I've got to be true to myself, refuse to believe the lies of the world, and trust the inner voice that comes from my heart.

Over the next few weeks, I want to get real with you all, and challenge you to do the same. I'm passionate about changing my body, my thoughts, and my way of life. I have lots of goals and reasons why I want (and need) to change. My first reason is to simply be healthy. We live in a toxic world where our food is over processed, chemicals are everywhere, and we are not educated on how it is affecting our lives. We see more and more people getting skin disorders, cancers, and illnesses; and I refuse to be a statistic.

I believe that healing starts from the inside out and is a matter of having a balanced life style. I'm praying big prayers that this journey will change lives! I promise to be transparent and have faith that all is well.

Join my blog and leave comments, because every Monday I'll post:
  • my thoughts, discoveries, and goals for a healthier life
  • the products I'm taking and their effects
  • how my body feels and the changes I'm seeing
  • recipes and suggestions
  • feedback from my friends and family
I can't wait to hear your stories as we help each other get well!