Sunday, February 8, 2009

my journey to detoxify my body, mind & spirit

day 1: Getting Real
My goals in life are to live an authentic life, be led by God, and radiate His positive energy regardless of my circumstances. I've researched the definitions of "authentic" and "love", and have been working to apply them to my life (down to my very core). By being true and transparent I allow people to get to know the real me. It feels better to have people love the real me rather than the me I had invented. This also means I've got to be true to myself, refuse to believe the lies of the world, and trust the inner voice that comes from my heart.

Over the next few weeks, I want to get real with you all, and challenge you to do the same. I'm passionate about changing my body, my thoughts, and my way of life. I have lots of goals and reasons why I want (and need) to change. My first reason is to simply be healthy. We live in a toxic world where our food is over processed, chemicals are everywhere, and we are not educated on how it is affecting our lives. We see more and more people getting skin disorders, cancers, and illnesses; and I refuse to be a statistic.

I believe that healing starts from the inside out and is a matter of having a balanced life style. I'm praying big prayers that this journey will change lives! I promise to be transparent and have faith that all is well.

Join my blog and leave comments, because every Monday I'll post:
  • my thoughts, discoveries, and goals for a healthier life
  • the products I'm taking and their effects
  • how my body feels and the changes I'm seeing
  • recipes and suggestions
  • feedback from my friends and family
I can't wait to hear your stories as we help each other get well!