Wednesday, February 25, 2009

read about Good Fortune Soap in CityScope Magazine

The article focuses on me, but the real story is about paying it forward and the power of positive referrals. I met Jonathan Bragdon (president of Tricycle) at a SpringBoard lecture were he spoke. I was very impressed with his business knowledge and inspired by his success. After the lecture we were talking, and I briefly told him my Good Fortune start-up story. The next thing I know, Jonathan called and said he thought I had a great story and his friend, George Mullinix (publisher of CityScope Magazine) might be calling.

One cycle of events lead to another and the end result was me being featured in the beautiful and inspiring Spring 2009 issue of Chattanooga's CityScope magazine. I'm so grateful that my story is being told and I pray that if nothing else, it encourages people to follow their dreams. I want everyone to know that through faith and hard work, anything is possible. Thanks to everyone for spreading the love!