Monday, June 28, 2010

My Rising Star Award

I recently became the 2010 winner of the Cleveland State Community College Small Business Rising Star Award! Whoo-Hoo! I'm so Blessed and grateful.
The Rising Star award is given annually by the Small Business Development Center to a business that best exemplifies not only business success, but an outstanding working relationship with the local SBDC and the use of the services it provides. In giving the award, the local SBDC is also recognizing the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners and their contribution to the local business and economic environment.
If you want to start, or grow your business, you should definitely look up your local SBA and other free resources. Starting a business is incredibly hard and takes intense focus, but there are tons of resources and people willing to help. Trust your journey!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Employees + New Beginnings = A Bright Future

Good news y'all.
I prayed for God to help me move and I made it to a great location.
I prayed for a talented new staff to find me and they did.
I prayed for my load to be lightened, and it is.

Most people don't want to walk in my shoes, and I don't blame them. Long days and nights in the office, slow economy, and a business that requires me to be in charge 7 days a week...yikes! If this is a Blessing, then what does a curse look like (I joke)! I really do love what I do and count it all to joy!

45 days ago I realized that I had to move my entire business, apartment and life because my uncle inherited the land my studio was on and requested I be gone in 30 days. Great huh? Well, yeah kind of if you have a faith perspective. I'd say I'm blessed with optimism and joy. Plus, as a child of God, I know my Father will provide in all areas and direct my path.

I now have a wonderful team and we're growing. Maura, Gaile, Luda, David, Jim, and Stephanie are helping me get organized, stocked up, marketed, branded, and all put together again. Wow! Can you believe my good fortune? I prayed for wonderful, talented people with hearts as precious as gold and I got them. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

What is going on in your life that feels like a curse or needs help? I encourage you flush out the negative complaints and give praise instead. Try thinking of ways your trials may be opportunities for growth, or how new doors may opening. Stay focused only on those positive thoughts. Pray, pray, pray and allow God to wash your troubles away!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DIY Soap Class Fundraising Event

Last weekend I threw a two 2-hour special event at Calvary Chapel Chattanooga to help raise money for my friend Janet's mission trip to Romania. We had a great turn out and we all had so much fun that I'm having another soap making event at my studio this weekend to raise money for me to go to Haiti in July.

We spent one hour making soap, and the other hour snacking on cupcakes and listening to Janet's story of quitting her job to become a missionary and traveling abroad to do the work God has called her to do. She is so encouraging!

Janet Brock (right), is headed to Beius, Romania on June 24 and will be gone for six whole weeks!  She will be working with the Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission (REMM) (the same organization she’s been working with for the past three years).  While she’s there she will be doing many things to assist the leadership of REMM.  Her duties will include but are not limited to helping with a renovation project on their medical clinic, working with the orphans supported by REMM, and serving in Agape Run outreaches to Gypsy/Roma and other poverty-stricken people.  She will also be helping to facilitate other visiting short-term teams and helping in projects they will have going on.  She is also looking forward to how this time will prepare her for what God has ahead of her in the very near future. 

Jennifer Jack (me), I'm going to Port au Prince, Haiti with a group from Chattanooga (led by the Oak Project) to serve orphans and their caretakers. we will spend each of our days assisting the many workers in their job duties, cleaning, teaching, shooting basketball, buying and preparing meals to give to those in the community and taking care of the kids to give them a rest. We will also spend a lot of our time encouraging them, hearing their stories and building relationships. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to scout, seek, and pray for ways I can help women use soapmaking to enrich their lives. I'll be gone July 25-31st.

In our (do-it-yourself) soap class some people made healing soaps and others made rubber ducky soaps. We weighed and melted natural soap bases, smelled essential & fragrance oils, and got creative with herbal colors. Each person successfully handcrafted their own glycerin soap, and took it home to begin using immediately.

Thank you for helping spread Good Fortune around the world!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Fortune's newest soap studio in Cleveland, TN

Come see our newest location at the Cleveland Bradley Business Center Incubator. It has a crazy long name, but is a solid location to grow my business! The CBBI opened it's doors in July of 2000. Since then, over 100 start-up businesses have resided under their roof, and acquired the tools and knowledge to thrive. Good Fortune indeed!

It took over 14 hours of hard labor to move my apartment, business, and my mom's house. We worked night and day over the Memorial Day weekend, but we're all moved in. Here is a snap shot of how the movers left my boxes and table for me to unpack. Where to start?
 I'm very optimistic and excited about what the future holds for me and Good Fortune. I have a great support team and great employees. I look forward to growing and blessing others along the way...thanks for joining me on my journey!

We are on Cleveland State's Campus in the Small Business Development Center
3505 Adkisson Drive, Suite 102
Cleveland, TN 37312

Open by appointment only. Call me, so you can swing by and shop! 
(directions from the College)
1) Pass the college on your right.
2) Turn in to the last parking lot before leaving campus.
3) Look for the blue awnings in the chain link fenced area.
4) Park inside OR outside the fence.

5) Enter the main Business Center door OR look for Suite 102 printed on the outside of the building