Friday, March 20, 2009

giving feels good (join me?)

Giving back is a concept we built into the foundation of Good Fortune, in fact, that is were we got our name. We want to bless others because we have been blessed. Since its inception, Good Fortune has partnered with various charitable organizations to: empower women > offer hope to orphans > and support mission work.

We are SO EXCITED to launch our new "soap for hope" program and introduce you the charities we support!

Here's how it works: Support a charity & we'll give them a soap in your honor!
Spend $5, and we'll give 100% of your money, plus a bar of soap to the girl's transition home, our friends in Africa, or a place we visit (and totally ROCK their world!) Partner with Good Fortune to help spread the love!

Girl's Transition Home > Give girls in Nicaragua a chance to move out of their orphanages, into a home where they can feel safe, dream, and live productive lives that contribute to society.

Our friends in Africa > Our friends through whom we share "one love" needs our help. We believe that even small donations of time and money can help rebuild this broken nation.

Good Fortune on a Mission > Help send Jennifer Jack out to share her "good fortune" and do what she does best (give big hugs & love on people)!

Plus: Visit our Good Fortune Soap Studio in Athens, TN and purchase our "not so perfect" bars of soap for only $3 each, and we'll give 100% of that money to the girl's transition home. Who knows, maybe someday I can visit the girls, share my business secrets with them, and help them spread the love?