Monday, August 16, 2010

The Healing Benefits of Natural Salts

According to the article, What Are Sea Salt Soaks? by CJ Lundquist, sea salt contains about 80 mineral elements that the body needs. Salt is invigorating because they increase blood circulation and stimulate the body's natural release of toxins through the skin, promoting clean, healthy, glowing skin. Sea salt also kills germs and bacteria on the skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh and clean.

Salt is one of God's secret healing ingredients, and we love it!Link

Make your own salt scrub!
  1. Go ahead and make yourself a nice hot bath.
  2. Sit over the tub with ingredients near by.
  3. Start with a palm full of Good Fortune's eucalyptus mint lime mineral salts.
  4. Then add one pump of our eucalyptus mint lime body oil.
  5. Scrub your feet, ankles, and legs over the tub (allowing it to crumble in the water).
  6. Finally, go ahead and toss a few more salts in the tub.
  7. Before you dry off, rub the body oil all over your skin for the best (non-greasy) moisturizer ever!
  8. Relax....