Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Does your soap have lye in it?

Want to know more about Good Fortune Soap? Just ask. Here is a recent question I want to share with you.
"I found your soap and would love to get some for myself and know they will make great Christmas presents for family and friends. Though I've been reading about all natural soap and am a little confused...does this soap contain lye? In some places I read that it is impossible to make soap without lye, and then others say lye free soap. Please help me understand this if you can." Thanks, Nicole

Natural is the best, and although lye is used to make soap, it is not in the final product. Briefly, when the fat and acid combine it creates a chemical reaction called saponification, which changes the make up of both ingredients. The result is neither an oil or an acid, it is soap. Our ingredients are veggie based, gluten free, super luxurious, and made for sensitive skin. I hope this helps clear up your concerns, and you’ll feel the difference for yourself!