Thursday, October 8, 2009

a born entrepreneur

Before launching into Good Fortune and Soap for Hope, let me introduce a 10-year old girl named Jennifer.

I was a clever and adventurous girl who passed the time inventing, crafting, and annoying my brother. My family was never certain if I would spring out of bed as an Indian, comedian, or zoo keeper—whoever I was, each day was an exciting journey. I was dedicated to living life to the full. Fearlessly I took (still take) risks!

As I matured, so did my business skills, and by 12 I started my first business called “Jennifer Fantistics.” Not a great speller, I was a born entrepreneur. Jennifer Fantistics, a handcrafted bracelet corporation, was known for its customer service. Each order was carefully packaged with a handwritten note explaining the history of the company, a detailed invoice, a generous discount for new customers, and a lovely fortune. Business ideas continued to flow, and I was excited to grow up, go to college, and someday have a real job (and maybe even own my own business)...

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