Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You wanted a SPF Lip Balm

Summer is here, and as we all know, skincare protection is very important. A few people have asked for a lip balm with SPF. I found an all natural recipe and whipped some up yesterday. Oh my goodness...what a creation!?! The creamy texture is great, but the super white color is just wrong. Wrong, I say!! We all had a good laugh, which helped ease the stress of a very long day!

Teona (my latest & greatest employee, shown here), and I made 1,200 bars of soap today, which partially explains the crazy dirty clothes and no makeup. Again, we had a really rough, exhausting day. Everything that could go wrong, did. I won't list all of our mishaps because we worked it out (and learned from them). Life is too short to stress, and being able to laugh at yourself is crucial. Lucky for me, I'm the owner of 50 of the world's ugliest lip balms, so why not wear them proudly?

We're all about the journey here at Good Fortune, and want to encourage everyone to keep trying new things and to never give up. Sometimes you hit a home run, and other times you make really white lip balm. The most important thing is that you stay in the game and don't take yourself too seriously.

Oh yeah, I've got free, ultra white, SPF lip balms to those who want to be cool like me. You just say the word!