Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Care to Sample our Soap?

Good Fortune shipped almost 500 soap samples to Vegas, with Jenn’s story and mission attached to each one. By day 2 of the convention, we had only given away about 25 in exchange for business cards. Jenn had an idea (but that’s not surprising): Let’s give the soap to everyone, they’ll try it tonight, and come back tomorrow to buy more! We became soap Nazis, trailing after people in the aisles, little crackly packages in hand. And then, another idea! The bubble machine! The other vendors helped us set it up so the bubbles blew into the aisles and not directly into the carpet, and instantly Good Fortune was the favorite booth of young and old. Monday night, Jess became party planner and organized a dinner for 15 of the vendors at Firefly, a local tapas bar (which several of the men misheard as “topless” – the food made up for their disappointment). Then a trip down the strip to see the Bellagio fountain show, the Venetian hotel, and Bally’s moving sidewalk. Tuesday, Jenn woke up with a change of plans.

**Check Marty Kubicki’s firefly-like nightlights out at The Porcelain Garden.