Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Work Hard, Play Harder

After a couple extra hours of sleep, Jenn repacked our four cargo suitcases. We had Burger King for lunchfast, and hit the pool for several hours where we met the funniest old British guys. We told them we were from Tennessee, and Jack said, “Tennessee! Memphis! Elvis is from Memphis!” Apparently, they were huge fans. We cleaned up (see the pictures for proof) and wandered down the strip again in search of dinner. Wolfgang Puck was charging $2 for a side of mustard, so we moved on to our original destination, Dos Caminos, the sexiest Mexican restaurant this side of the border. We explored the Venetian canal and caught the Treasure Island pirate show before calling it a night. The great baggage train pulled out early Thursday morning, and we needed our beauty sleep.