Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Great Baggage Train

300 pounds of luggage divided by two feisty little girls equals a lot of odd looks and laughter. But the check-in lady was very patient, and the bags all came in at the exact right weight. On the plane, Jenn stormed up new ideas and we reflected on the week. It was no accident that we quickly made lifelong friends at the trade show, and it had little to do with Jenn’s Southern accent. The exhibitors and buyers we met were so encouraging: Good Fortune is young and strong and compassionate, like its owner. Jenn soaked up all the advice and wisdom she could from her new mentors, and they built her up and pushed her to continue challenging herself. Now as the follow-up and actual production starts, we at Good Fortune are pouring love and gratitude and hope into each order. We trust you’ll see all of it in our products.

A note from Jess: This week was quite a privilege for me. I got to witness firsthand the passion and drive that it takes to start your own business and then be successful with it. Jenn never stops thinking about how she can improve her product, how she can meet every customer’s needs, how she can expand to reach more people with good things. But her intensity is selfless: she sees every sale as divided between buying supplies and helping those who can’t help themselves. Jenn eats, sleeps, and breathes Good Fortune. And it was a challenge to me: what am I passionate about? And what is it that’s keeping me from pouring myself into other people? It wasn’t soap that drew people to our booth; it was a heart whose passion is serving that burns bright and clear.

**GF Vegas blogs written by Jess Snyder, freelance writer: jess.snyder@gmail.com