Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Soap Making in Haiti

I'm going to Haiti with a group of 7 other spirit filled leaders from Chattanooga (led by the Oak Project) to be a Blessing to someone (and hopefully everyone). We have a strategic team of Christian counselors, educators, photographers, videographers, and social workers.

To serve the caretakers and the orphans in Port au Prince. We will spend each of our days assisting the many workers in their job duties, cleaning, teaching, preparing meals to give to those in the community, and taking care of the kids to give them a rest. We will also spend a lot of our time encouraging them, hearing their stories and building relationships.

Soap making: I am taking lots of natural glycerin soap and packaging to teach the caretakers how to make loofah soaps. I have a plan in mind, but I'm not sure how I will teach 30 ladies how to follow directions, especially when none of them speak English. Luckily, I have faith and will also have a translator. I'm so excited for the ladies to take a break, enjoy a craft, smell wonderful fragrances, and hopefully make some extra money. PRE-BUY A BAR NOW! Stay tuned for more videos of them making soap!

July 24st-31st.

This team has intentionally been called to Haiti to serve and encourage. Many of the caretakers and orphans are deeply struggling with depression and have yet to tell their stories (not even to a friend). The attitude is sort of like "we all have loss so we don't need to tell each other our sad stories..we all have sad stories so just get to work".

I may not understand grief like the Haitians, but I'm certain that the Holy Spirit wants to use my smile, hugs, laughter, and soap making to bring light back into their dark worlds. My heart is overflowing with light and love because of His amazing Grace, and it would be a shame to waist even a drop!

Join me on my journey, as I take soap making to a foreign country, and pray for hope to bloom through the ashes!

(Donations for the orphanage & suitcases may be dropped off at my studio, shipped, or I can pick them up. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!)