Monday, July 26, 2010

Life in Haiti-Day 1

Haiti isn't that far away globally, but the 2 day trip seemed very long! We had and overnight stay in Fort Lauderdale and then landed in Port Au Prince at 8 am. Getting our baggage and pressing through customs was a big ordeal. Thank God for experienced team leaders and security staff because needy people are everywhere! The streets are littered with rubble and people. It is a completely different world over here. Everyone is really nice, and I'm glad I'm here.

Once we dropped our luggage off at the orphanage, we went to the store and bought a few groceries. Our group stocked up on soda and snacks for a party we'll be throwing later this week. We are eating simple meals such as peanut butter and jelly and a few local treats such as soda and wheat toast. Yum!
Here is our tent where the girls sleep at night and where we make soap and have counseling sessions during the day. The wonderful nannies threw some mattresses and sheets on the floor, and it was off to sleep for me. Thank God for those ear plugs I bought at the airport-I slept like a queen!
Traveling around downtown Haiti was a surreal experience. On Sunday afternoon our driver & security man drove us down the tiny streets lined with rubble. Our group was just here in May said the progress already looked much better, but the devastation was is so wide spread. This one photograph is where the house once stood of two of the sisters now at For His Glory Orphanage. The house fell on the parents while the kids were outside. The 1 and 3 year survived for an entire week outside before they were found. Don't ask me how infants survived outside for a week, but they did, and I praise the Lord for the opportunities to share there story. Their spirits are beautiful!
All the kids and nannies are awesome! It is so sweet to give hugs, but sadly there aren't enough! As soon as you pick up one toddler, then there is another one standing there with their hands up. I had one in each hand and three on each leg earlier and thought they were trying to take me down. The kids are exhausting, but I'm having such a good time playing and loving on them. I need to go rest now, because the heat is exhausting.

Soap making classes start tonight, and the word is everyone is excited. Yeah! I can't wait to share those stories and photos later. Thanks for your prayers...I feel them!