Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Product Spotlight : Loofah Soap from Haiti

Benefits: Natural glycerin soaps (with real loofah sponges) are handmade by women in Haiti and the profits go back to the women. The natural loofahs offers serious exfoliation,
while the glycerin soap is moisturizing.

We have a limited amount of these special soaps
-so order today.

Each 3 ounce bar is scented with a variety of fragrances and contains a real loofah sponge. Plus, each bar comes packaged with the woman's story that actually made the bar!

Wow: You get an exfoliating bar of soap for only $5 (free shipping), and the money goes
to build God's kingdom and encourage your sisters in need! Priceless!

PRE-ORDER NOW! I'll ship the soaps (handmade by the ladies in Haiti) in August.

At only $5, you can help make a big difference!