Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day Three (Saturday – Would you like to try our edible lip scrub?)

Today we took a little more aggressive approach: edible lip scrub! Try a massage candle! Have you ever heard of Good Fortune? Apparently, Jess has a little sales phobia, but Jenn’s a great teacher and is quick to step in and rescue a scary situation. We had a great day with a lot of "WOW, my lips feel amazing!" and "a warm body oil that's also a candle? Nice..."

After a great day at the show Jenn went out with her dear friends Chrissy and John, while Jess went back to the hotel for a bath and some quiet time. Jenn was so exhausted after 8 hours in boots and talking all day, but managed to find time for silliness. Chrissy, one of Jen's oldest and best friends surprised her with a late Christmas gift of soap making ponies and a Noah's ark craft project. Just like old times, they relaxed by eating pizza, making crafts, and laughing all night. Even John was feeling the pony love. Atlanta is always so much to visit!

Sunday is our last day selling as a team, so we both need a good nights rest. we come!