Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Six (Tuesday – Home Sweat Home)

For being a half-day, Tuesday sure was a long one! Several potential buyers came back and placed good orders, and Jenn got to exchange goods with surrounding vendors.

Wembe hooked her up with amazing organic fair trade soaps, Eco-Dotz shared a really cool soy candle, Gratiae delivered a beautifying nail kit (along with a sweet kiss on cheek), and finally Jen scored some super cute knickers from Bella Il Fiore. Yeah for new friends!

Unfortunately, the show staff lost all Good Fortune’s boxes rather than storing them, and Jenn sat for more than three hours like Orphan Annie watching everyone else pack. “It felt like the longest day of my life!” she said. “I got lost, waited in lines, waited for boxes, and after I finally packed up, drove four hours home.”

The next few weeks will be absolutely jammed with filling orders, replenishing stock, and… yup! packing boxes. Good Fortune is incredibly blessed and growing. Thank you all for your love, support, and patience!