Saturday, January 9, 2010

ATL Day One - Settin' Up

Thursday morning, the girls were up way before the sun, taking Jenn’s little Subaru to Atlanta. After a drive to the marshalling yard, we drove back up the highway to the loading dock. “Ralphie,” our friendly parking attendant, gave us a sketchy spot, but hey! It was $10! We came out of the trade center to a gorgeous flurry of snow.

The booth set-up went more smoothly than Vegas – practice makes perfect! This show Jenn made a leafy, net “roof” and added a bamboo rug. The brown drapes accent all her displays beautifully – we’ve had so many compliments on how pretty the booth is.

We ate dinner in an old train car called the Orient Express – yummy pad Thai and tofu curry! Jenn was so excited to sleep in a room with heat – beats the barn any night. A hot bath and a glass of wine made for a good night’s rest so we could power through Day Two.