Monday, January 25, 2010

Day Four (Sunday – Good Fortune Goes International)

Sunday morning, two fantastic ladies from J.J. Springer in British Columbia made a bee-line for the Good Fortune booth. They are in love with the lip scrub, and are proud to be GF’s first international sale! Hooray! Sunday continued to be rewarding: we had so many sales that Jess was sent out to hunt for the copy center located somewhere in the depths of Building One and Jenn got writer’s cramp.

Mom and cousin Sherry made the drive from Athens, TN to see the booth and the trade show. The J’s were grateful for family support and a show of Good Fortune Spirit. Here’s a pic taken by the ladies at Bluebird Bath Products, our neighboring booth.

The family gave Jess a lift back to Chattanooga, leaving Jenn to spend a quiet night alone, blogging and catching up on email.