Friday, July 10, 2009

Paper or Plastic? Take the survey for free credit (or cause you want to).

Inspiration? I visited High Country Outfitters in Atlanta, saw their GF display, and talked to "the guys" about what men want.

What do you want? Quality, eco-friendly, easy to undertand, shaving, camping, good smelling products.

Solutions? Clearly defined packaging for shaving, face, and displays with more information.

Plastic shrink wrap? Information sticker on side, quote card on top, stack on sides so you can see the type of soap, and yes, you can still smell them.

Earth friendly? We figure that processing paper, tearing it, and using stretchy bands are equal to plastic shrink wrap. Consumers may disagree?

Survey Says? So far the paper packaging wins with remarks such as "it looks more handmade, more eco-friendly, easier to touch/smell, less mass produced looking." Plastic-wrapped fans liked the cleanlines, how its protects their other items, and from getting "soapy," and less wear and tear.

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