Monday, November 15, 2010

Customer Review: Eucalyptus Mint Lime Salt Soak

Eucalyptus Mint Lime Salt Soak, Reviewed by Vanessa, PA

I opened my tiny mailbox one day and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful smell coming from a package from Good Fortune. I recognized the smell of mint and lime right away as it filled my vestibule. I opened the package in my apartment and let it sit in my bedroom for a few days because I liked the combination scent of eucalyptus, mint, and lime so much. The scent filled the room like a burning candle, without thedanger!

When I finally had time, I drew myself a nice hot bath and sprinkled the mineral salts in the water shortly before I got in. The scent was so relaxing and wonderful and I could feel the salts just melting under me. I never usually stay in the bath very long, but I added an extra handful of the salts just because it was so lovely! When I got out there was no smelly residue or heavy scent left on me from the salts (I hate that!). The scent lingered on just long enough for me to finish enjoying and didn't rub off on my clothes or overpower my regular perfume.

I would recommend these salts to anyone! I really, really loved the scent. I have used a eucalyptus and mint bubble bath before from a chain store but I much prefer this product and scent. The added lime gives it such a burst of freshness. Does this come in a candle? I would definitely buy that! (It sure does! Look here.)

Thank you so much for letting me test your product! I do have a few suggestions...The directions we pretty small and hard to find, though I assume most people know how to use bath salts. And the packaging, though lovely, was a little hard t
o use. I would probably pour them into a jar just to make it a little easier to pour into the tub. (We took her advice, check out our new packaging!)

I would definitely use the cute organza bag it came in again, to package a small gift or a gift card, so I appreciate that the packaging is reusable. I also really appreciate small businesses and try to support them as much as possible. And giving handmade, or local items, to me is much more personal. It means you didn't just do some quick one stop shopping at a mall, you actually took the time to pick something out with a certain person in mind.