Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Natural Cleaing - Easy and Cheap!

Not only are widely available household cleaners expensive, many of these cleaners also contain hazardous chemicals.

Here at Good Fortune, we love to clean with three simple items: Vinegar, Lemon Juice and Baking Soda.

Vinegar is a great cleaner - some of its uses:
  • cleans mirrors and glass better than any store-bought spray
  • when mixed with baking soda, makes an effective drain cleaner
  • freshens laundry
  • cuts grime around stoves and on top of refrigerators
  • clean up and disinfect pet stains
Check out for more ways to use vinegar.

Lemon juice smells great and is great for your home! Use lemons to:
  • freshen your garbage disposal when mixed with ice cubes
  • clean out your refrigerator, coolers and lunchboxes
  • remove stains in clothing and on surfaces

Baking Soda also packs a punch when used around the house. It can:
  • remove coffee stains
  • freshen laundry
  • be used to scrub sinks, tubs and toilets
Read more about the magic of baking soda at

Hope this helps you think about better ways to "green" clean around the house!