Monday, October 18, 2010

Customer Review: Pink Grapefruit Orange 3-in-1 Body Oil

Reviewed by Amy, Culver City, California

I used the massage oil as skin moisturizer every other day. I had put some of the oil on my legs after a shower, and my Jack Russell Terrier, Buster, came up a few minutes later and started licking my calves! He's such a character. I think he has likes the orange scent because we have an orange tree in the backyard. He enjoys playing with the small ones and thinks the tree grows "toys" just for him.

A little goes a long way! I also added a few drops to some unscented lotion I had and now it smells lovely! Also, I used the oil on my cuticles and they've never felt better. The commitment to a feel-good product goes a long way. I love the fact that it's made by hand locally.