Monday, September 27, 2010

Customer Review: Applejack Soap

Product review written by: Jessica, Ackworth, Georgia

You recently sent me the Applejack Soap with Spirit for review. It fills my mind with images of fall: warm apple cider, pumpkin pies, and burning leaves. In general, ALL your soaps that I've used thus far have left my skin feeling sooo soft. I rarely use lotion after showering, and have stopped using shaving cream. I started using your products because a close friend highly recommended them. I, personally, was really impressed with your website: your mission, beliefs, and what you represent as a whole. I'll continue to use your products for those same reasons.

I currently use just your soaps, daily, as does my husband. I've had to wrestle him for the Sweet Spice when one of us goes out of town. He's in the landscape business, yet still LOVES how he smells at work around contractors! He grades your soaps on how well the scent carries on throughout the day, not just in the shower. We've used Sweet Spice, Sandalwood Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Island Coconut , and now Applejack. Sweet Spice is by far our favorite. We've both gotten compliments in public on how good we smell: him at work, and both of us at outdoor events.

Your packaging is lovely, but I generally will order the bulk, naked bars. Its more cost-effective for me. However, I'll definitely invest in the packaged soaps for gifts. I try to do environmentally-friendly gifts for all my friends. Your products will be a real treat for my girlfriends and family.