Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Natural skin care on a budget

Good Fortune face soaps + baking soda = a deep cleansing, non-drying, healthy skin winner!

If you’re like most, you don’t think about rubbing
course white stuff on your face—but baking soda has many beneficial uses beyond baking (check out www.armandhammer.com). We keep a salt shaker of baking soda next to our soap dish, and simply sprinkle a little in with the lather from our Sandalwood Lavender Face Soap. You have instant deep clean and instant gentle exfoliation. Sounds weird, but try it! Each bar is a whopping 4.5 ounces and cost only $6.50.

I mentioned it to one of my friends and she said she now keeps a Tupperware container of baking soda in her shower and uses it on her face, neck, chest—and even her belly when pregnant! Another friend had been buying a high-dollar retail microdermabrasion system from a well known beauty company (name withheld to protect the innocent!) and after using the baking soda/Good Fortune soap combination, she’s hooked!

Forget spending lots of money or wasting our earth’s resources on non-sustainable packaging. Good Fortune products are all natural without preservatives, parabens, and all that other funky stuff. Made with natural oils, yes we said oil, your skin will thank you!

Get to know your ingredients:
  • Sandalwood Lavender contains gentle scrubbing oats which brings your skin to normal pH levels and helps relieve dry patches.
  • Lavender is healing for sensitive skin and soothes redness.
  • Shea Butter is loaded with fatty-acids, but won't clog your pores.
  • Got oily skin? Then try our Pink Grapefruit Face Soap, the essential oil cuts grease and helps to purify oily acne-prone skin.

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