Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fundraising ideas for schools ,non profits, churches, and clubs

We all know that investing in a child’s education is an investment in the future. Good Fortune wants to make a difference in kids’ lives, so we created a program called Soap for Hope, and are working to educate, empower, and inspire disadvantaged girls to thrive (not just survive)!

Partner with Good Fortune’s program, Soap for Hope, to raise funds for your school, church, non profit, or club, while at the same giving disadvantaged girls hope by teaching them life skills, entrepreneurship training, and a chance for a college education. Many poor girls are forced to grow up too early, then become vulnerable to disease, violence, and physical exploitation. Many are seen as an unworthy of investment and have little voice to demand their rights.

We are excited to see our youth become compassionate leaders and advocates for a better tomorrow. By using our products to raise funds for your organization, you will teach your children the lasting value of reaching out and giving back to the world around us.

My life's purpose is becoming more and more evident everyday, and I'm so excited to add this brand new sales division to Good Fortune. Not only am I able to offer a whopping 30% profit from sales to worthy organizations, but I'm also going to be able to share my story with hundreds of new people. Fundraising with a purpose is how I like to think of it! I can't wait to visit schools and churches and speak about my journey into social entrepreneurship and Soap for Hope!

Please tell every blogger, PTO parent, church, and Facebook friend you know about our new money making fundraiser. (We have a "share it" tool on the right hand panel you can use). Are you as excited as we are? You don't have to buy tubs of cookie dough to support your children anymore. You can now buy Good Fortune natural soap, body, and home products!