Saturday, May 24, 2008

50 Uses For Faucet Soap

I was in the lathering up in the shower earlier today, and I realized how amazing Faucet Soap truly is. I know...I invented it and I use it every day, but today was different. After seeing people's faces light up and hearing them go on-and-on, I'm finally convinced! Faucet Soap just might revolutionize the way we bathe! Starting today, I'm going to list a new way faucet soap can rock your world every day! It might get silly, after all, finding 101 ways to use soap takes creativity! Your suggestions are appreciated!
1. I like the big fluffy bubbles
2. The bag it is packaged in is waterproof
3. I can stuff all of my little pieces of soap down in the bag
4. You can leave it outside year round
5. It's portable
6. Men love it too
7. The peppermint tea tree is great to shave with
8. Once you are done shaving, you can exfoliate for an even smoother shave
9. It lasts a long time
10. It makes your skin soft
11. The nylon bag is re-useable
12. The peppermint is tingly
13. Kids can use it and hang it up to dry
14. Perfect for camping
15. It is great to scrub feet
16. Earth friendly recipe
17. People keep coming back for more
18. I get messages from people who say they smell apple jacked up
19. It is a really great idea
20. They make great gifts
21. The Red Apple Lavender may make you scream because it smells like the soap your mom bought as a kid
22. The plastic bag is re-useable for your various storage needs
23. It is great to scrub poison ivy
24. They look really cool