Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rubble-Wear Necklaces

Your rubble-wear makes a difference...
  1. because LOVE protects, defends, restores and is active
  2. it will keep conversations about Haiti active in your community
  3. 100% of proceeds help restore the hearts + homes of our Haitian friends
  4. the ladies of The Oak Project joined with local artists and made them
  5. the caretakers of Maison orphanage gathered this rubble from their own streets

Help us turn beauty from ashes!
Buy a beautiful rubble-wear necklace and 100% of the money helps fund my trip in February and will helps us build a new orphanage in Haiti!

As many of you know, this will be my second trip to Haiti. My goals are to continue to foster relationships with the nannies and children at Maison orphanage. On my first trip I taught over 50 people to make soap, and this trip will be about exploring and building a more sustainable soap process. We are looking to make soap the "pioneer way" using local-natural resources. I am also going to work as a "craft leader" and will help train the orphanage staff to make rubble-wear. Our prayer is that these gorgeous necklaces will be able to completely fund the new orphanage building project. I dream of the day when the children and nannies can all live under one roof as a big family with a playground, garden, and a safe haven for all!

Thank you for all your love & support!!