Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Private Label Lotion and Lip Balm For a Good Cause

Caroline Cheshire, owner of Healing Baskets, found Good Fortune online and asked us to create personalized lip balms and private label lotions for her unique gift baskets. We created custom designs for themes such as courage, warrior, believe, and loved. Her gift baskets offer words of encouragement and help you reach out and connect with someone when they need it most.  "Often that's all it takes for someone to begin their healing journey", says Caroline.

We made special unscented and lavender lip balm and lotion for Healing Baskets. We wanted to take extra care for those people healing from diseases and who need gentle body products. The personalized labels are fun and funky! We pray that her customers are healed indeed!

We love this company and all they stand for! Be sure to check them out & read Caroline's story: Healing Baskets.