Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peppermint Tea Tree Faucet Soaps

Day 10: Faucet Soaps (natural soap in a sack)
I invented these to eliminate shower gel. The soap stays in the sack, so you save time, money, and the earth. This wonderful combination of essential oils treats inflammation, acne, and fights off bacteria! This is our best selling soap for healthy skin and to help wake you up. Men love them because they are easy to use and great for traveling.

TOP 10 reasons we love Faucet Soap:
1. Hang up to dry = stays clean & lasts longer
2. Safe for sensitive skin
3. Bath/shower/shave (3-in-1) = $$ savings
4. Phosphate-free and biodegradable
5. Waterproof bag is perfect for traveling
6. Kid friendly
7. (3-in-1) = less waste in landfills
8. Helps treat & prevent back acne (oh so smooth!)
9. Shave & exfoliate for polished skin
10. Scrubs and helps poison ivy, sunburns, and tattoos