Monday, August 10, 2009

We Love Our New Point-of-Purchase Displays

Check it out! Our new POP displays set the testers apart from inventory, tells you our TOP 10 Raves for each product, and gives you clear instructions on the many uses of our fabulous Good Fortune natural skin care products.

Our edible lip scrub is our best seller for good reasons. Kiss chapped lips good bye and it taste like pie crust. Yum!
We LOVE our new inspired lip balms! Each handcrafted box holds 12 lip balms, and comes with a tester. People may not want to try the tester, but they love to smell them! Ahhh! The fresh scent of peppermint, coconut, and orange vanilla makes us happy! Not to mention the fun feel-good quotes such as, "smile, it's the second best thing you can do with your lips".
Relax your mind and body with the aroma of essential oils and hydrate your skin with 100% natural vegetable oils rich in vitamins A, D, and E. Perfect to use instead of lotion, in your bath, or for massage! Try our "uplifting" pink grapefruit, "classic" spearmint orange, "destress" eucalyptus spearmint lime, and "relaxing" lavender vanilla 3-in-1 body oils.

Enhance the mood and soothe your spirit by spraying wherever a good scent is necessary—even on the skin! Good Fortune Element Sprays are perfect for the car, pillows, linen, rooms, and travel. Try our "welcoming" applejack, "balanced" green tea, "reviving" peppermint patchouli, and "relaxing" sandalwood lavender Element Sprays.
The total package! Mix and match as many products as you like. Some stores like to carry all applejack, lavender, and peppermint and group them in to scents. Whereas, some stores carry all the scents in each product and offer complete product lines. We broke up each scent and flavor to give you the maximum amount of uses. Call or email me for pricing and/or questions! 423.715.2647.