Sunday, August 9, 2009

Handcrafted is Who We Are

Meet my granddad, Millard Vincent. He is 85, been happily married for over 60 years, and doesn't miss a beat in his work shop. As long as I can remember I've been working in the wood shop with my granddad and dad, and they each share stories of working in their dads' shops. Handcrafting and fabricating is in our blood for sure! That is why when I wanted new point-of-purchase displays for my Good Fortune products, I grabbed a sketch pad, picked up a few supplies, and headed over to see my grand dad.

I knew exactly what I wanted, but needed the help and advice from a seasoned pro before hammering out tons of displays. We first used the table saw to create a slit in the back for the information board to sit. Then we used a router to round the top edge and give the 2x4 a softer edge. We then sliced off what felt like hundreds of 2.5 inch sections, hammered out 1.75 inch indentions in each one using a drill press, and finally I got the pleasure of sanding them all with a belt sander. Can you say carpal tunnel?

Once I got home, covered from head to toe in saw dust, toting 100 displays in my studio, I sweet talked my dear mother in to painting the first batch for me. I have an amazing and supportive family. Everything we do here at Good Fortune is handcrafted with love. I hope you guys are more informed about the uses of our products and continue to buy our skin care, now that you've seen the cool new displays.

This may not be the work I need to be doing as the CEO, but I love creating new ways to improve my products, make my customers happy, and most importantly spending time with my granddad.