Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Burlap Bnner for $1

Y'all know I'm crafty and love to save money, so here is a cool little DIY on how I made my own burlap wedding banner for about $1 (using coupons of course)! This was for my wedding table, and was super simple. The thing I love about this project was there was NO sewing, NO painting, and it was CHEAP :)

What you'll need to make a burlap banner for about $1
  1. 2 sheets of burlap scrap booking paper
  2. inkjet printer
  3. 3 sheets of red felt paper
  4. pinking shears
  5. hole punch
  6. spray glue
  7. twine

Lets get started making your own burlap banner!

Step One: Print out the template using black ink. Cut out outlines using pinking shears.
Burlap Banner Template 1
Burlap Banner Template 2

Step Two: Hand trim a quarter inch of red felt around each letter. I just free styled it and wasn't super picky.
Step Three: Flip your letters upside down and spray mount somewhere you don't glue on everything. Center the burlap cutouts and rub firmly on the felt for a permanent bond.
Step Four: Hole punch the corners of each triangle.
Step Five: Thread twine through your holes and hang accordingly.
For our flowers we picked up a bucketful of fresh cut flowers the day before and tied up all of our arrangements using twine. Everything looked gorgeous, but didn't cost us a fortune.