Friday, June 28, 2013

Are we moving? We don't know...


Hi Friends, Jennifer Strain here.

First of all, we are still excited! I've been praying about selling the business for years, but we've encountered a few hiccups while trying to close and move. We were 75% packed, and found out about the delays 2 days before moving (bummer). Apparently, this is how business goes, and so we are now negotiating an extension. We've done everything possible to keep things moving forward, and we'll keep you all posted. 
When is Good Fortune moving? We don't know yet. Our moving date has been moved 3 times now, and so we are pushing forward with hope & faith until the actual papers are signed (hopefully at the end of August). We'll give you notice and try and prepare you for any interruptions in business. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you continue ordering from!

Hugs & handshakes!