Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adorable Little Baby Soaps!

Benefits: Natural soap in an exfoliating mesh bag is way better than liquid soap and loofahs. They are good for your skin and your soap last much longer.

Features: Faucet soap (like soap-on-a-rope) hangs conveniently in your shower or kitchen. It's great for exfoliating and washing your body everyday.

Wow: Phosphate-free and biodegradable. Waterproof bag eliminates shower gel and mess when you travel. Plus, the new 2 oz. mini size is kid-friendly!

3 Scents: Buy 3 for only $15

apple lavender: sweet, clean, fresh

peppermint tea tree mini: a natural antiseptic + helps heal acne and skin issues

sweet spice: vanilla meets cinnamon, meets lavender, meets patchouli