Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Natural Body Lotion, Welcome the Newest Member of the Family!

You've been asking for a natural lotion for ages, and I've been reluctant for many reason. For starters:

1. I love our natural body oil as a daily moisturizer and didn't see a need for lotions.

2. I've tried several natural lotion recipes and couldn't find one that wasn't greasy or messy.

3. I didn't really have the right manufacturing equipment to crank out big batches of lotion.

Finally, I've got the answers and the solutions for you all! Good Fortune recently teamed up with a local lotion maker here in Tennessee and together we formulated an amazing natural body lotion. Our criteria was we wanted a light moisturizer made with all essential oils, paraben free, and was still affordable.

Our new aloe vera lotion is simply wonderful, and I can't wait for you to try all three!
Grapefruit and Orange Body Lotion
Lavender and Lemon Body Lotion
Vanilla and Peppermint Body Lotion

Plus, our new 8 oz. packing is adorable and bigger than ever! Receive a free sample with your next order, and let us know what you think!