Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Fortune: Half Price Coconut Shaving Soap Get Silky-Smooth with our Half Price Coconut Shaving Soap!

About Good Fortune Clay Shaving Soap:

1.What makes this “shaving” soap? We add bentonite clay and castor oil to our shave soaps to smooth and moisturize the skin. Bentonite clay absorbs oil and provides a thick, creamy, smooth feeling. Castor oil softens skin and attracts moisture to the skin, then holds it in (it also gives it the big fluffy bubbles). All together, our ingredients give you a close shave that is perfect for sensitive skin!

2.What are the properties of essential oils and ingredients?
• Peppermint restores and energizes the senses.
• Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and has anti-fungal properties, it's also anti-viral and naturally antibiotic.
• Menthol crystals give your skin a fresh, cool, and tingling sensation.

Our Sweet Island Coconut soap is a favorite because it is sweet, cheery, and fresh. We use natural coconut fragrance as well as lemon and lime essential oils. Lemon essential oils bring fresh energy and are considered an effective astringent. Lime essential oil is also said to have astringent and antiseptic qualities.

3. How long will my soap last? Depends on how often you shower! We are nice and share our soap, and it lasts our family at least a month of shaving and showering. The trick is to keep your soap dry between uses.

4. Is it for men and women? Absolutely! Men can use the Coconut soap to shave their faces and women use it pretty much anywhere.

5. Can I use it all over? Yes, have fun, but remember those menthol crystals can be tingly, so use caution around the eyes and in other sensitive areas.