Saturday, May 2, 2009

Soap For Hope

This month we put together care packages for orphans in Zimbabwe and the Bushmen in Namibia, Africa.

Fiona, my little prayer partner and pen pal in Zimbabwe will be bathing with Good Fortune soap (and enjoying those pony stickers I sent her). Can you imagine the joy I feel as my labor of love travels halfway around the world to meet the needs of orphans and tribesmen?

My friends, Will and Beth Skillman, recently quit their jobs in Ohio to go serve in Africa. Will emailed me to say they will be traveling to Namibia to visit a ‘bushman tribe’ this July, and there is a big need for soap. Really, I said? It is my honor to give. I melted down all of my scraps from the past year to make the ugliest hodge podge soap I've ever seen (sorry bushman!), but it made over 3 dozen bars. I really hope they like it, and don't think I'm crazy. Ha! I also sent each of the Skillmans a Citronella Grapefruit Faucet Soap and lots of love for their travels. Check out their blog.

I encourage you to take a moment and ask what gifts God has given you, and how you can use those to help others? We can't help every hungery, poor, or ill person, but can start somewhere. Even if you don't have an extra $20 a month to sponcer a child, then maybe you can sit down for 20 minutes and write them a letter. A word of encouragement is worth more than gold to some of these children.

I NEED YOUR HELP!! For $5, 10, 15, can help support Soap For Hope. I will give 100% of your money, plus a soap in your honor. I am gearing up to travel to Nicaragua this summer to teach soap classes, empower teen girls, and help get girls off the streets. Supporting Good Fortune means hope for others. Thank you all!

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