Thursday, December 4, 2008

local, handcrafted, and fabulous!

Mom and I wanted to take the day off after Thanksgiving, but we couldn't bear the thought of fighting the city crowds. Instead, I grabbed my camera, and we visited several local artists and attractions within miles of Good Fortune's studio. We found good conversation, inspiring art, and fun loving Alpacas!
Lowell Axley, a retired pilot, turns wood and builds
beautiful custom cabinets at his home. Lowell is an amazing artist and I couldn't resist his unusual style. Graciously, he offered up several pieces for my studio. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, then call me 423.715.2647. Prices are: 1. $50 (food safe platter), 2. $35, 3. $95 (food safe bowl), 4. $85, 5. $85, 6. $60, 7. $95. I'll ship it out to you before Christmas.

Harmony Wools Alpaca Farm is just down the road and has been raising and showing alpacas since 1993. Our friend Jennifer Bennett gave us a tour of her farm and weaving studio where she spins, weaves and knits her own alpaca fibers into soft, warm garments and fabrics. Mom is planning on taking one of Jennifer's knitting classes after Christmas. I really wanted to snuggle up with an Alpaca, but they weren't feeling the love.

Lastly we dropped off a Good Fortune display at
the Englewood Textile Museum. One half of the museum is an antique & gift shop, and the other half is an amazing "off the beaten path" museum. The museum traces the history of the area's textile industry from 1850 with special emphasis on working-class women in the mills. It is run by dedicated volunteers filled with enthusiasm and plenty of southern charm. You check them out one afternoon at 17 S. Niota St. in Englewood, TN 37329. Don't forget to pick up a bar of Good Fortune soap why you're there!