Monday, November 17, 2008

Handmade Gifts Are the Best!

If you are like me, you want to give unique gifts to your loved ones, and one way to show them you care in a personal style is with a handmade gift. Gift cards are nice, but I personally admire gifts that come from the heart! But who has the time to manufacture personalized gift baskets, goodies, and the like?

Great news! Good Fortune has handmade gift sets (in case you don't have time or desire to be crafty), or you can piece together Good Fortune with your own creations! Here are some suggestions using our favorite scents:

Spicy Pumpkin: Bake some bread or muffins, package them with your handwritten recipe, and include a bar of our pumpkin soap, massage candles, and Element Spray. Your gift basket will give immediate satisfaction with a lasting scent.

Chocolate: Home bake (or break-and-bake) cookies packaged in a Chinese take-out box with your handwritten recipe, a jar of handmixed hot cocoa (or cheat and use the store stuff), a Mocha Meltdown Massage Candle, and a Kiss Me Kit (or a Chocolate Peppermint Lip Balm). Who doesn’t need an indulgence?

Apples: Toss a few apples, a jar of apple butter, and a bar of our best selling Applejack Element Spray and soap!

Peppermint: Pot a fresh peppermint plant in a cute (handpainted?) ceramic pot, or use a store-bought herb garden starter kit, Element Spray and Faucet Soap for your favorite gardener.

Hand stitch (freestyle) your friends’ initials on a cute hand towel for the kitchen and bathroom, include a 3-pack of our natural lavender dryer bags, and a Lavender Element Spray.