Monday, September 29, 2008

Give a Bar of Soap

We are a blessed company, in fact, that is where we got our name! We want to pay it forward, so we take pride in giving globally and locally by partnering with various charitable organizations to provide soap to the needy and build character and confidence in people.

I recently learned that the people of Zimbabwe are in a crisis and do not have enough food, clothes, money, or even the basics such as soap. Through my church, Calvary Chapel in Chattanooga, and a mission called Zimbabwe 911, I was able to connect with a team of people filled with God's love, and help fill a 40 foot container full of the essentials to ship over seas. My contribution was primarily soap and wash clothes of course! What a joy it is for me to use the talents God gave me to be a blessing to families half way around the world. I pray that the work of my hands will touch people's lives in significant ways and they'll know they are loved. Please visit their website, pray, and help however you can.

I made a special recipe, emailed to me from Africa, called Sunshine Soap. It was hard, gritty, and didn't smell so great, but it's what they use for everything. I also sent about 100 bars of our lavender-vanilla-cinnamon-patchouli soap for them to really enjoy! It is interesting how we take having clean bodies, dishes, and clothes for granted in America. For $5, you can send a bar of Good Fortune soap and a wash cloth a charity of your choice. Partner with us and help spread some Good Fortune!